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Welcome to Everlive India, where custom meets advancement in the domain of Ayurvedic sustenance. As the trailblazers of India's Most memorable Present day Ayurvedic Sustenance Brand, we are devoted to conveying inventive, food-based arrangements custom-made to the unique way of life of millennial India.

At Everlive India, we have faith in the groundbreaking force of Ayurveda, flawlessly mixing old insight with contemporary science to make a remarkable way to deal with all encompassing prosperity. Our responsibility isn't simply to offer items; it's a mission to upset the manner in which a huge number of Indians see and sustain their bodies.

Established by the visionary Rahul Bodke, Everlive India exemplifies his enthusiasm for wellbeing and his faith in the capability of Ayurveda to have a significant effect on individuals' lives. Rahul's fantasy is straightforward yet significant: to change the collections of millions of Indians. This fantasy is the main thrust behind each item we make, each development we present, and each step we take.

As a brand, we perceive the different necessities and inclinations of the present age. Our items are painstakingly created to offer a cutting edge wind to customary Ayurvedic standards, guaranteeing that they flawlessly incorporate into the speedy, unique existences of our clients. We comprehend that health is certainly not a one-size-fits-all idea, and our scope of contributions mirrors this comprehension.

At Everlive India, we are not simply offering items; we are determined to enable people to assume responsibility for their prosperity. We welcome you to go along with us on this excursion toward a better, more energetic life. Together, we should make Ayurveda a piece of our regular routines and set out on a groundbreaking encounter that rises above ages.

Much thanks to you for picking Everlive India, where custom and development agreeably coincide for your comprehensive prosperity.

-Everlive India

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